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Thank you for making a great product she uses it everyday! I have to admit I also use the speakers in it for music :) She is so in love with the mirror and the bluetooth on it is so awesome, it's loud!!!
- Brandon S.
I absolutely loooove this mirror!! I use it every single day for my makeup and hair!! It truly is an amazing gift!! ❤️ thank you @reigncharm for making a great mirror!
- Taylor H.

Hi my bbies! My name is Shanalee Figueroa, and I'm a beauty enthusiast and influencer on YouTube and Instagram! When it comes to doing my makeup I can’t have just any old regular mirror.
That’s why I adore the ReignCharm RockStar vanity mirror! It allows you to play music from your phone directly out of its speakers. If you like to be a rockstar while you get ready, this is the perfect vanity for you!
- Shanalee F.  

I ordered my rockstar vanity mirror from them. It was a super quick and easy experience and I had my mirror within a week! They packaged it so well I could hardly get it out of the box (which is exactly what you want when it's such a delicate item). 
I was able to set it up on my own super simple! The quality is amazing! I love being able to see the time and temp without touching my phone! The sound quality is bar none, these speakers are not a joke, they are fantastic! I am extremely pleased with everything!
- Emily M.

First of all, I love this mirror. I feel like a 50's starlet sitting in front of it. It comes with an electrical outlet AND 2 USB ports on the mirror. I can literally work and use the mirror at the same time! 

What blew me away was the customer service though. I incorrectly set up the base. My fault. I was immediately helped. They figured out the problem for me, but assured me if it was a defect they would take care of it. I then received follow up contact to make sure everything was still okay. Never ever have I received customer service like this. 

Thank you for such a beautiful product and beyond top notch customer service.
- Jenna L.